The Swedish Sound - Swedish Cello music

Cover: the swedish soundThe classical music from Sweden is usually not in the focus of the worldwide musical audience - a big mistake, as the following recordings by Ulla Rönnborg on the cello accompanied by Irina Kolesnikowa on the piano will show us. Severe and powerful sounds, combined with a soft and melancholy mood, create a until now unknown and complex portrayal of Sweden that gives us a new perspective: At the edge of our listening habits lies a musical treasure, that is definitely...  >> more

Himmelblau (Azure)

Cover Himmelblau In this CD-project the poet, Doris Runge, and the cellist, Ulla Rönnborg found each other: for the one it is a substantial reduction of the lyrical entity "word" and for the other it is a complete scarcity of the musical sound in its essence.

In a review for the "Deutschland Funk" (German radio channel) Jochen Missfeldt said about the Hebbel award-winnder, Doris Runge: "The words of Doris Runge are balanced upto a thousandth gram. They serve as the raw...  >> more